About Us

Based in Sweden, The Nehaul Foundation was started in 2020 by Andrew Nehaul to offer a website free of cost to deserving altruistic organizations of his choosing over the English speaking world with a recent focus on the Caribbean in general and Barbados in particular.

The Foundation aims to make a direct difference in society by providing reliable, modern, efficient, responsive, compact and secure websites to charitable organizations so that they can not only raise essential funds but can also use their site to communicate news, events and general information to the public.

Do you run a charity and need a website?

If so, let us provide you with one free of cost.
We are open for applications from other charities in the Caribbean.
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The Nehaul Foundation is privately owned and does not solicit donations nor does it require tax relief.

Travel to Barbados and experience the paradise that is the Caribbean Islands with its warm, welcoming climate and gentle demeanour. Enjoy world-class dining, vibrant nightlife in an idyllic setting, and more. The warm, clear waters that surround the island are ideal for sports enthusiasts, as well as those seeking a little relaxation after a hard day’s work. For nature lovers and sea journeys enthusiasts, a whole range of water sports awaits. Naturally-abundant flora and fauna are found throughout Barbados, making it an ideal place to visit.

Are you looking for a friendly local hotel?

Then choose –

The Intimate Hotels of Barbados – an organization with about 50 hotels, was founded in 2000 and is committed to providing a unique and special experience for all guests. Individually managed and locally owned, each owner puts their stamp of service on the hotel and works together with the IHB secretariat to ensure that they are fully equipped to represent the island’s tourism product.

Combining affordability and convenience with the best attributes of the island- riveting seascapes, cosy accommodation, and great service- the Intimate Hotels of Barbados forty plus hotels represent the best of the island’s small hotels, apartments, guest houses and villas and are located all over the island. Proximity to amenities, great personalised service, caring one-on-one attention, nearby beaches, or water’s edge accommodation, WIFI to help you stay connected and a delicious mix of international and local cuisines are some of the things which endear our properties to visitors.

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Visiting Barbados? here is a little tip.

Go to your Facebook page, search for the private group called  “BARBADOS BARBADOS and ask to join.
This group provides an incredible amout of detail and information for travellers to the island and should you have questions, they are answered lightning fast.