The Nehaul Foundation

About Us

Based in 🇸🇪 Sweden, The Nehaul Foundation was started in 2020 by Andrew Nehaul to offer a website free of cost to deserving altruistic organizations of his choosing over the English speaking world with a recent focus on the Caribbean. The goal is specifically to offer responsive, compact, secure, modern websites to those organisations that may be constrained in having a website due to financial hindrances.

“Kindness is the ultimate gift”
One person can make a difference

Do you run a charity?

We are presently open for applications from other charities in Barbados.

How we are financed

To finance our charity work, we create spectacular websites and offer website maintenance to companies & individuals. 
We are not the biggest organisation to do this, but unlike others, we offer a personal and more efficient service to our clients.

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The Nehaul Foundation is privately funded and does not seek donations nor does it need any tax relief