Website Design

A great website design is the foundation of your online presence. Making a good first impression means going beyond a great website design and also having an excellent user experience for your customers. Whether you are looking for a brand new website or help with updating your current site, we can help you build the perfect presentation for your business.

In today’s fast paced world all businesses need a website to tell their clients visually who they are and what they do.

It does not matter if you are a legal firm, a photographer, a restaurant, or have another type of small business, a great website is essential for your company’s success. We have built many websites and know what it takes to create great and engaging business websites.

If you are looking to build a new website or make your current site more effective, here are some steps to getting started and helping your small business compete effectively in the online marketplace.

Domain & logo.
We can help you decide and register a pertinent domain name. It should be easy to remember and as short as possible. Should you wish a unique logo, we can offer this service as well.

Hosting provider.
This is a company that connects your website with the internet. You connect your domain name to your hosting provider so that when users visit your website address, they are shown your website that you store on your hosting account.

Your home page.
Your website’s main (home) page lets people know who you are and what you do right away so they don’t feel confused when they visit your small  website.

Content management system.
A content management system (CMS) is a software program or application that is used to create and manage your website’s content. A good CMS will help you maintain your site, and you don’t need much technical knowledge to use it.

Create a memorable website.
Your site should be interesting, memorable and engaging.  

Publish quality content.
Content quantity and freshness are important to Google. It is important that you publish quality and relevant information on your site. If you want to rank highly in search engine results and encourage people to return to your site again and again, you will have to update your website with new and relevant content as frequently as possible.

Some of the sites we have created.

Most of our clients want to portray their service and presence in a simple but fashionable way which gives the visitor an immediate knowledge of their business. Many have chosen a website with the following pages.

A home page, a page about the business, background of the company and what services  are offered, a gallery of pictures, past clients and a contact page with map. You decide for yourself what type of layout is best for your business and what you want to say.

We offer quick turnarounds and a personal and effective service. Our packages start from USD 950 per site.


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