Free websites for Charities

Our comprehensive package for charities and organizations encompasses the following:

1. Registration of an exclusive domain name for the organization (if needed).
2. Creation of a logo (if required).
3. Domain hosting for the website throughout the agreement period.
4. Development of a website with a maximum of seven pages, including a home page, a description page, an organization structure page, a work in progress page, a gallery page, a fundraising page, and a contact page.
5. Email forwarding from the website to any address provided by the charity.
6. Ongoing updates and maintenance for the website.

Recognizing the unique needs of each organization, we are open to discussing any desired changes. It’s important to note that after the third year, the website will be transferred to the organization at no cost. From that point forward, the organization assumes responsibility for hosting, maintenance, domain renewal, and any associated costs.

In return, we request the following from the organization:

1. Designation of a contact person to provide relevant pictures (in recommended sizes), suitable text, a comprehensive description, staff pictures, organizational structure details, and information on past fundraising initiatives.
2. Timely responses to our queries within 24 hours on weekdays.

There is no financial obligation for the recipient charity; this website service is provided completely free of charge.

» Technical details.
We register the domain name and commence work on the logo designed within a week after you confirm your acceptance of our offer.
The architectural structure, layout and choice of colors of the proposed website is done at our office in Sweden.
Thereafter, our satellite office on the Asian continent gets our design and codes the site.
Once this is completed we then take the skeleton website and insert the actual text and pictures.
If necessary, you should know that any text provided can be changed and rewritten so that it is SEO friendly.
The finished product is then transferred to our host, registered and setup as per normal procedures so that your site can be found on Google and other search engines.

» An important dynamic.
The actual time it takes to produce your website is dependent on whether all the text, pictures and information we requested from you has been provided to us in advance. We would like to have this information in advance of us starting the project.  

» Our assurance.
1.  Our work is done on a confidential basis and your information will not be shared with others.
2.  As an external supplier, we will not get involved in the financial or administrative matters of the organization unless asked to do so. What we can do is to offer suggestions and creative ideas about possible ways to increase revenue.
3.  We commit to proving the best possible service while adhering to all moral and ethical principles and practices.

» Noteworthy.
The Nehaul Foundation is solely responsible for providing the web site. The validity of the text supplied and any copyright of the pictures supplied to us is the responsibility of the organization. In association with our satellite office, we produce the sites that continue to provide great satisfaction for our clients.

We do not include credit card payment gateways or any other services which may incur monthly and/or annual fees.

We will include one line at the bottom of each website that will say “This website is provided as an endowment by the Nehaul Foundation in Sweden.”

» Cancellation
Due to the number of requests we get for websites and our limited budget, we try to match these requests with our policy in the best possible manner.  Should you decide to cancel the project, note that this will cause hardship to others who require our services. Contact us for more information.

» Contact
For more information please contact: Andrew Nehaul, Tel/Whatsapp: +46 70 741 75 95
We welcome your calls and/or emails.

Updated: 2023-12-23

The Nehaul Foundation is privately funded and does not seek donations or tax relief